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Also random note. If anyone who is playing Xenosaga II suddenly develops a Chaos muse who happens to adore Jin.. my Jin is very happy to play. However overly uke-ish Chaos's should not apply. Because the idea of Chaos tumbling Jin at times is just too sexy to pass up. ^_~ . That has been hopefully the last Xenosaga post of tonight. (Even though I can't help it, I think I am thoroughly addicted... good thing right?) Of course now.. my Jin muse is being a nazi about iconage. >.<

He wants all sorts of adoration and iconage..

Damn it. X_x. Jin needs to get out of my head. He has suddenly become so much stronger.. then even Citan (*gasp horror shock*)

And uzukisaru, his hair.. just so hot. Gods his hair is hot. You were absolutely right about -everything-
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