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Well, another evening full of fun and profit.

Lovely RPing with shuufish involving first Sigurd and Hyuga and then Sigurd and Jin. I forsee there will be alot of drama there. *huggles her* And it's only bound to get worse. Slowly we are going to unfold a story of jealousy, hidden passions and all that dark and somewhat angsty stuff. Luckily Mishy is made of the same angst-bone as I am. Which is good... because I like smut, I like angst, I like plotful stuffs.. and she's like catering to my whims. Really she -is- tolerating- me. -_-; But it makes me purring and happy... *meows*. In fact my Jin muse is quite jealous of Hyuga muse now. But I had to tell him quite calmly that his ass was made to be molested by a Chaos. X_x >.> That seemed to placate him. *glomps the Sigurd and snugglies him to death* *also glomps Mishy*

The log between Nooj and Baralai is nowhere -near- stopping. Gods, Jin put aprodesiacs in that absinthe.. is there any reason why they are not smutting. Probably because they are damn stubborn. (*but it is fun*). Once again thank you divinecomedy for helping me to flesh out my Baralai more. I realize that he was less then whole.. until I had someone to play him off of.. where I was not just strivng to impress them.. you know.. but where I could actually intellectualize him on my own time.

And littletrowa.. think nothing of it.. alright. ^_^ It just.. happens.


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