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I am listening to Fushigi Yuugi songs right now and they bring back memories.

The strains of "Wakatte Itahazu" fills my ears. The really sappy song that describes love that is ill fated. *sniffles* That has got to be one of my favorite songs, sungs by Satou Akemi (Satou Akemi is a goddess of song *hee's*) And this song has described my love life.. *heh's* This song makes me think of Dean, Preston, Matt and Mel.. all the mistakes I made in my life. Donald? Well he wasn't a mistake but the song would fit as well for him so let's just tack him up there as well. OOoh the Kareoke version of "I Wish" *sways* However I don't care for music without lyrics (since words move me so much) so we will now skip over this song.

Earlier in the year I bought the three disc set of Fushigi Yuugi songs at http://www.voe.com
You like Anime/J-pop/J-rock? Go here.. -excellent source of music at really affordable prices.

I should get a CD case completely devoted to anime/j-rock/J-pop and anything in japanese however it would be a bitch to lug around to work.. however wait people at work do not really -like- music in different languages so it would be kinda convenient. Yes that is what I am going to do. *nods firmly* It will save room for me and if I get the urge to listen to anime music at work, then well by the goddess I will.. (they can't stop me)

"Winner" Yeah, this is another one of my songs.. it is the song that Miaka supposedly sings to her brother when she comes back to the "real" world. Very upbeat and motivational. That is the song that I play when I am at the gym on the exercise bike.

I took the Utena Chara-Selector test! Which character would you be?
Test made by Merulu

Wow, lookie who I got! *snickers* Thank you Shinken for the lovely quiz! *hee's* I love Utena. I would die for that series.

Now to watch Utena Adolescence.. well when Alexi comes down to visit me after this deployment, I will then have my time.

BTW anyone who wants to chat with me on AIM.. well unfortunately I am not around my home computer however when I do get back, I would be totally stoked to talk to any of you guys that have AIM that added me to their friend's list and I haven't talked to you guys yet.

I might even get a new ICQ number. Why you ask? Just because there are alot of people that I have on my current one that are stalkers hence why I am never on it and I am usually on AIM.

Ohh Koyasu Takehito, you are my god.

Funny how me and Angue are so alike and yet so different. She likes Nuriko, I like Hotohori.. I prefer the masculine japanese male voice (Takehito) while she loves the femmy japanese male voice (Sakamoto Chika and Chihaya's Seiyuu.) I guess that makes it all the more easier to RP with each other, she knows I will more then likely always play the masculine guys. *heh's* just like I know she adores the femmy guys. *hee's*

What brought that on? Koyasu's sexy voice crooning out "Boku no Uchuu de Kimi Ga Iru"

*le sighs*

"Sora ni wa hoshi tachi, daichi kimi hana ga saiteru soshite boku no uchuu de kimi ga ite."
"The stars shine in the heavens, the flowers bloom on the earth and you are in my universe"

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