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Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Now I know what Mari was going on about. I bought the DVD at the BX here.

Man, what an awesome movie. It definitely said 'alot' and in the most harsh ways. The music was catchy and the story poignant. I mean I was teary eyed at the end.

It would of been better had not people kept peeking over my shoulder to see what I was watching at the Rec Tent, and then the majority proclaimed it "wierd". However it wasn't like I cared about their opinion.

Excellent movie, now I have to get the soundtrack. *giggles* Thank you Mari!!!

Oh yeah.. interesting site alert.. some of it might appeal to you all.


It actually fit how I view myself.

And it made me think of my friend Athena Grundler who I remember going up to her and asking her if she was a pixie. Anyways if you don't feel like you all quite fit in with the "human" race at times, check out the above link.


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