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~Morning Traditions: A Drabble~

Fandom: Xenogears (of course)
Pairing: Sigurd Harcourt and Hyuga Ricdeau (Citan Uzuki)
Notes: I finally have much love back for my favorite pairing. Hurrah! Now I need an icon of them >.<

The radio clock went off, tuning on to some music that he had insisted on setting the clock to, a tradition of sorts. One eye blinked awake hesitantly as fingers curled into the sheets and he squinted in order to verify the time that the digital interface read, the numbers coming out slightly blurry due to his glaring lack of glasses this early in the morning. He was about to reach over to turn it off so that he could get it up and start his daily rituals

However a bronzed arm reached over him and thumped against the snooze button.

That was also a tradition in the mornings. He felt that same arm then come back, reaching for him and pulling him closer, and then a husky voice whisper into his ear, alluring in it's sleep tinged state.

"Not yet, Hyu.. not ready.." There was charming simplicity to those words, and instinctively Hyu backed into his lover's arms, allowing sleepy kisses to rain their way up and down the column of his neck, knowing that in the mere kisses.. his lover would be roused in more ways then one.

Hyuga did indeed love traditions. Especially those of the morning variety.

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