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Thank you Mish, for the great RP. Tomorrow we'll definitely shift gears and concentrate on Fei and Citan's big date to Yggsdrasil World. But the non-squenix RP we've been doing is all sorts of goodness. <3<3<3

Hey, Yo-kun. *whaps* You know why I'm whapping you, you silly girl.

And meanwhile, Amanda and I have been planning Baralai and Nooj's little courtship confrontations several steps in advance.

And I need to start working on the General Leo and Kefka RP Michelle and I are going to embark on.

There.. that's been my RP plate for the time being.

Which reminds me, I also need to prod Sora for some Magus and August goodness.

Those five are the ones with Nia-Card. Guarentee'd RP if I possibly have time. I'll make a card and everything. *hee's*

*is actually plotting it right now*
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