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~Because I have decided to share the last Volley of Posts in this slow moving RP~

Sigurd's hips swayed to the heat of the music.  His eyes fluttered closed as he leaned back against the feel of Hyuga's hips, grinding his way this and that, trying to forget everything of relevence.  Why not lose himself to the music, and to Hyuga's warm touch.  He leaned his head back, letting it lean for a moment on Hyuga's neck, breathing a soft touch into Hyuga's ear and then moving in more swiftly, carefully to let his lips brush the side of his neck.  It was so soft -- smelled so good, so pleasant.  So inviting.  He pulled himself back and let his lips curl, locking eyes with Hyuga.  "Your not that bad of a dancer yourself, scientist friend." he quipped, ready for Hyuga to toss something saucy back at him.  He loved the burning feeling in the back of his head, the dizzy feeling tossing him this way and that -- but really he was not all that drunk at all, only a little fizzy.  He hoped Hyuga felt the same.  He wanted him to drink more.  So that when he touched him, his body would be ablaze and he wouldn't tell him to stop, tell him it was too much and that he had to go away.

Sigurd tossed the thought back and forth in his head, images already floundering about.  He could be very imaginative, and had already, for most of the day, been imagining Hyuga splayed out in the nude, on his bed, awaiting a certain private dance all his own.

Nevermind that.  Sigurd tossed his head back, and regarded his dancing partner.  He turned Hyuga around to face him, grabbing him by the hands quickly.  He smiled down at him, happy at what he had tempted to do -- to get his good friend drunk, or at least a little drunk, a little less coherent.  He leaned in close, darting his tongue in Hyuga's
ear slowy, drawing it out quickly, a hot breath replacing it soon enough.  "You're damned sexy on this dance floor, you know.  It's funny what a little alcoholl will do to your inhibitions.  You wanted to dance with me all along, haven't you?" as he faced him, he placed a hand on his hip, twisting him with the music this way and that.  He grinded his hips against Hyuga's craving something much more than just dance -- and it burned within him.  He felt the firey ache press between his legs, and he watched Hyuga, waiting impatiently for his reaction.

All aspects of that single moment came together and hit him at exactly the same time, the touch of lips against his neck, a tongue wetly slipping along the rim of his ear, leaving a wet trail in it's wake.  He let out a soft little groan that he could not stifle for the mere fact that his mind would not let him.  Of course not, he knew in the morning he would regret the alchohol, regret all that he would reveal, but right in this moment he did not care oversomuch.  A press of hips to hips once again and despite the dizzy sensation, the growing heat, he continued to tease Sigurd, by not moving forward, taking a few steps back at least wtih his next words.

His lips ghosted very softly against Sigurd's lips, leaving tendrils of breath  but not much else, until his lips parted. "I can assure you, Sigurd Harcourt.. that you will have to ply myself with a bit more alchohol before I'll admit to anything.."  Looking down at Sigurd's mouth as if wanting a kiss and then drawing his head back before Sigurd could slant his lips and complete that thought.  He remained close though, but still held himself temptingly back like a well placed bait.

"You've needed a good.. challenge for a long time, Sigurd, my friend.. you are not used to pursuing.. for they all fall into your hands.."  And Sigurd could be sure that Hyuga was the sweetest fruit, like fruit held just above on a branch, out of reach.. so that the only thing to do was climb the tree in order to obtain it.  "Men and women stare at you with lust.. all you have to do is quirk a brow and they are at your side.."  Stating the obvious yes.  "I am -not- that easy.." He whispered, voice husky and laced with the sound of undeniable arousal between them.  The movements of the dance taking them away.  Hyuga was not even sure that he was aware of the sea of bodies that surrounded them in the tavern.. for his eyes were only centered on one individual.  The dance floor could of been empty for as much as Hyuga was aware.
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