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~I'd rather not be.. behind the wheel~

Today was one of those mornings where I was staring at the MP3 list, trying to figure out -what- I wanted to listen to.. and suddenly this Assemblage 23 song came on.. and I love it to death. -_-    My music is very mood oriented and yet this doesn't fit my mood.. it's just damn catchy...  I need to make an icon to this song but my iconage skills kinda -suck-.  I pondered doing that icon meme going around.. but then I remembered that my icons = bleah.

Happy February Everyone.

You know what that means for all the Xenosaga/gears freaks on my list?  (In North America of course)

Yes, it means 2 weeks until EPISODE 2 COMES OUT!

Okay so I'm a little excited. *bounces up and down*  I need to calm down about that.. for the mere fact that well it means Jin.  Oh yes, it will be made an extra special trip for.  I'll go to pick it up, I'll grab chinese food and then I will come home and play it.  The evening that it comes out, you can pretty much ascertain that I won't be around, so if I'm not on your friend's list or you see no posts with me, then you can go.  "Hey, Xenosaga II came out.. see Nia in a month"

Spanglish made no sense... the middle and the end did not justify themselves.  It must of been something I missed due to not have seen the beginning.. -_-;    I also need to go to Wal-Mart after I get warm. -_-  Making a special trip so that I can get Alexi diet coke, pick up soft food for the cats and then rent some movies for Alexi's viewing pleasure.

Yes I did start on the FST..  at least the descriptions and I would be happy to let reunion host it for this month if the offer still stands.
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