Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

~No matter what you do, you always think you're right~

"When all faith is gone, I fight myself to carry on.
Yes I know of the harm I do.."

I got a case of the "I hate it here" blues and I feel like screaming, kicking up a storm and basically act like a brat. I won't though because I am mature and that is for my DJ and the readers therein. I woke up from really interesting dreams in which I dreamed of Angue. That was the only part of the dream I remembered.. I was in the grocery store and Angue was spending the night and we were gonna have a slumber party so we roamed around the store trying to find potato chips.. cept they only had Barbeque and Sour Cream and Onion and I wanted plain too.. so I was searching every aisle, cept it was like really disorganized much like the K-mart store that I worked at before I joined the Military. So I couldn't find -anything-. Amn Seebaran wanted to come along to the slumber party as well (he is a guy mind you) and I told him bug off... then I woke up around 4:30 and hovered in a non-rem sleep for another hour before I woke up.

My bed is sort of angled funny now, I was moving stuff around in my area. My bed doesn't go the same direction as anyone else in the tent, it goes against the walls of the tent.. so I didn't get a really restful sleep, my body has to adjust to the energies counter to mine. It is really wierd. I am sure I will sleep better once I get used to it.

I am reading a really good book called "Sands of Time" Yes it is a cheesy romance novel however this woman is able to go back into time and live in Cleopatra's body, (she is doing it to research a book) and she gets to expirience history and all of Cleopatra's 3 lovers. (yes Cleopatra was a slut, pardon my french) I should read something other then romance novels, however hey they are fun to read when you actually -have- no romance. (Alexi isn't here after all, he is in England which technically isn't so far away.)

Oh yeah no more ChronoTrigger for me because Mary Lowen is taking her TV back with her to the states. (Yes someone from Mountain Home Supply is leaving but then she didn't come with the rest of the groups either) But I don't need to play ChronoTrigger to write the fanfiction. (thank the goddess) Well technically I could play ChronoTrigger but I would have to borrow someone elses' TV (which I don't feel inclined to do). I might as well catch up on the huge stack of books that I have to make myself read. *blek* And with that Anime Essentials Dictionary that I have coming in soon, oooh boy quite a bit I have to catch up on.

Amazon.com has been my lifesaver in so many ways, almost as much as my Alexi.

Right now in order to get myself into a better mood I am programing tons of really happy sappy breath songs into my mind.. I am not in a "Take That" mood yet.

"Like sands through my fingers,
I watch you slip away..
Like those dreams you try to hold,
They leave when you awake."
-Example of the music I am listening to.

I am so pathetic

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