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~Over and over, I'm right back where I began~

You know, for someone like me.. one would be really surprised that I struggle to be dominate on the road.  To the point of arrogance.  I don't know -what- is fronting for me when I drive but when I drive if anyone passes me, I balk.  I think I might be harnassing some Gippal bond that I don't know about. >.>.  Maybe I get it from my grandmother who was notorious for being the Road Queen in my home town.  Or Alexi who, oh gods you don't want to know about Alexi when he gets on the road.    You know what I recall fondly?  Coming back from Kentucky and all but speeding across Kansas, racing someone on the highway and going pretty much 90 mph.  (It ended up being an old woman.. which made the victory doubly victorious.)

I've been muchly enjoying the downloads on the Seiyuu community.  Very nice stuffs I think.  And I'm making quite a few friends which is always nice.

Let's see, what else do I have to say.    Oh yes, Spanglish is playing at the movies tonight.  131 minutes which is two hours and 10 minutes long.  Much fun for all, unfortunately the commissary is not open on mondays, so I shall be deprived of their EXCELLENT sandwhiches. (I like the commissary sandwhiches better then subway.. so sue me)

I have also come to a decision that I'll do daily downloads "Every Day" unless furtherwise stated.  I was looking at my playlist and I was like, "Damn I'm never going to run out of music to post up.. since my ratio of aquired songs to posted songs are always in the favorable.  So yes, music every day.. for everyone.  (Unless furtherwise stated).  I'll usually pick it out myself.. but some days I will have people help..  -_-  (Good old shuffle button, that's how I decide. *cackles*)

Wow, this update was bigger then a breadbox.

Oh yes, afterthought.  Baralai is -not- very happy.  Just thought I'd tell everyone that. -_-

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