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~This is the end of the sweet sugar candy-man~

1.)  Cleaned the Kitchen, did the Laundry, Took a Bath.. Emptied the Cat litter and other such house maintenance tasks... filled out another application which I am set to take it down sometime this evening.

2.)  Emailed Yo-kun my response to the play.  Five paragraphs... evidentally the muse had alot to say.  It's nice to get back to actual storyline play again.  It's what I've been enjoying the most with Amanda and Yo-kun.

3.)  Thank you dissonanceburn for Zeromancer's version of "Send me an Angel".    I swear, this version is just impressive... now you have me wanting more Zeromancer music. -_-

4.)  lostangelssong, have you watched Kyou Kara Maou yet?  Or is the codec's being a bitch. *sobs*

5.)  voodoolimbo, fennin  ATTN:  My playlist is Here.  I am not sure who is picking the song today.. so I will just leave it for you two decide via comments and then the winner emails me the choice of song emails me at onewingedhyu@yahoo.com with what they want me to put on my journal for everyone's listening pleasure.

6.) I joined the Fuji fanlisting.. and I am putting the code up in my userinfo right now... Hurrah!

~Staring into space,
At the end of time.
Black as the black in your eyes..~

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