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~The random aspects of our lives come together once in awhile~

I shared the crack with dissonanceburn tonight, I sent her the Tiki Room Song and we proceeded to get it stuck in her Nooj-muse's head.  While Baralai laughed.  Then Yo-kun and I did a random story RP for the Elements.. with myself playing Jesiah and Hyuga and herself playing Sigurd and Kahr.  They just convinced Hyuga to let go of his alchohol limiter.. and so the real drunken-ness starts.    I don't know why Hyuga let go of that neutralizer, I have a feeling that it is not going to end well.. X_x  Mainly because Jesiah has a camera in his pocket.

I am starting to yawn majorly, I might start to hit the sack

Thanks to everyone who sent me ambient music today.  I really appreciate it.

And as for this new icon.  This is my stfu icon. (since I believe everyone needs a stfu icon.)  I would use Oriya.. but Gwendel looks so.. indignant. X_x  Gods I love Gwendel.  He makes me all sorts of happy.    Him and Kaidoh.. definitely seperated at birth. X_x

For everyone new to my FList.. welcome! *waves*  Hope I don't drive you all batty! *snickers*

The next random music update will be on Wednesday.

--Wednesday Pick----

I just rolled a number between 1 and 30.  The number and the same numbered person who comments on this post will get to choose the song to be featured on wednesday from my playlist. (example, I roll a eight, and you are the eight person to comment.. well you get to pick).  Double postings will not be counted.

(Number has been picked! ^_^  Start commenting! )
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