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~Random snippets from a conversation between Amanda and myself~

Geisha Memorias: Baralai: *walks over to Nooj and with hands on his hips, glares at the deathseeker* Excuse me.. what gives you the -right- to push other people around?
Geisha Memorias: Oh dear.. now there is the fire in Squenix Baralai's eyes.. X-x
diewithasound: Nooj:  When they stare at me like a freak.
diewithasound: Oh no.  Which means Nooj will notice XD
Geisha Memorias: Baralai: He was -not- calling you a freak.. what gives you the right to try to interpert other people's looks.. hmmm? *indignant*
Geisha Memorias: I know.. *dies*
diewithasound: Nooj:  Breathing?
diewithasound: <.<
Geisha Memorias: Baralai:  Quite the arrogant one.. aren't you? *hmpfs*
diewithasound: Nooj:  Arrogant?  No, I just don't care.  Besides, what gives you the right to harrass me?  *smirks*
Geisha Memorias: Baralai:  What gives me right..?  Oh I am harassing you?  If I were harassing you, I would call you names..  I am just pointing out that assumptions  make one look like an -ass-... excuse my language..
Geisha Memorias: All we need to do is give Baralai a flaming sword.. and then he'll be like in the bible.. *snickers* A big flaming angel of VENGENANCE
diewithasound: *DIES*
Geisha Memorias: Oh wait.. that didn't sound right
Geisha Memorias: *head.. meet.. desk.. it's too early in the morning*
diewithasound: *rolls*
diewithasound: it is
diewithasound: Nooj:  ...  You're annoying me.  Therefore, I feel harrassed.  Besides, he shouldn't have gotten in the way of my fist.  *feels smug*
Geisha Memorias: Baralai:  Violence solves -nothing-... and I do not give a care if I am annoying you or not.. the world does not revolve around you and your predilictions..  so now.. apologize to Gippal..
diewithasound: Nooj:  *snorts*  You're joking.
Geisha Memorias: Baralai: *growls* Try me...
diewithasound: Nooj:  *snickers*  Is that supposed to intimidate me?  Look at you.  Small.
Geisha Memorias: Baralai:  *Violence does not solve anything* Being small proves -nothing-..  it is not the physical size.. but the size of the will.. and you, my friend evidentally have many issues you need to work out.. I hope you do work them out, because otherwise you will turn into a horrid and otherwise bastardly man.. and now I bid you adieu..  *walks over to Gippal and drags him off*
diewithasound: XD  *waves 'I <33333333 Baralai' flag*
diewithasound: Beautiful.  *applauds*
Geisha Memorias: I know.. he just did that in such a way.. that I think Nooj got pwned.
diewithasound: Nooj:  *pwned*
diewithasound: Nooj:  *left gaping*

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