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~See me snark..~

I have to admit that while watching the end of Blade: Trinity, I thought the appellation "Cock Juggling, Thunder Cunt.." was quite ingenious.  I must store that in my reservoir of insults, not like I'll use it.. but I thought it had a particularly nice -ring- to it.

That being said, I have a huge headache.  It's getting close to the time of the month that proves to me, kicking and screaming, that I am -not- a male like I would want to believe I am.. but in fact biologically a female. (damn nature).

Nothing that midol will help.. however be wary.. I might be extra moody when the time comes.  -_-;

Now to catch up with my FL and then see the last hour of the voting go.. before I upload and give you all musical delights. ^_^

You guys know that music-days are your favorite posts.. DON'T LIE TO ME! *cackles*
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