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~RPage and the whatnot~

It seems that when I find myself bereft of Xenogears playing partners, they sort of fall into my lap..  It's wierd how it works.  However yaoiko_chan and littletrowa play rather well.. I was sort of playing my Citan muse off of both of them..  and with rather unexpected and yet highly pleasant results.    Both the Sigurds are different.. but that is sort of good..  also I played my Flik muse off of Emi (Yaoiko) Viktor muse.    For a space of a few.

And she has a Gwendel muse as well..  so I have found two very good players.    I just recently started playing with Michelle and Sora again..  And I am going to spread myself evenly between those that ask for playage.  I might even make a schedule or something.  That way I am not disappointing people by not playing with them.

I really want to be fair and even to everyone.    I am not going to hoard people, and I certainly do not expect people to hoard me.

I also want a chance to play with Amanda (aka dissonanceburn, we had some really good OOC/IC stuff going on with the Crimson Squad.    Where Paine and Gippal lock Nooj and Baralai in closets to keep them from KILLING each other.  Amusement for all.

And then Michelle aka lostangelssong and I are undertaking the story of General Leo and Kefka from FF6.

So far Emi and Yo-kun (My nickname for Youji-kun) have only done preliminary OOC/IC stuff...).

And Sora and I are doing stuff for Kenzuko.

Wow.. lots of fun for all.
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