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You know you can tell alot about a person from which types of lyrics they seem to like and/or quote.  So I'm going to showcase the first 10 english (or japanese that I understand) songs on my playlist.  A lyric is what usually reels me into -why- I keep the song on my playlist.  Just a single lyric more often then not.  I have a weakness for a cleverly turned phrase.


"Amber" by 311

"You live too far away..
your voice rings like a bell anyways. 
Don't give up your independance. 
Yes it feels so right. 
Nothing good comes easily..
sometimes you've got to fight"


"Cannot Hide" by A-ha

"I, I'm alive.. tonight
Something falling baby
You and I are the sky..
I can see it in your eyes"


"Crying in the Rain" by A-ha

"Raindrops falling from heaven
Could never take away my misery
And since we're not together
I pray for stormy weather
To hide these tears I hope you never see"


"Forever Not Yours" by A-ha

"Make me strong just like you make me weak,
And your hands reach out for me, even in your sleep"


"Here I stand and face the Rain" by A-ha

"Trust me, For who I am..
lay all your pain into these hands.."


"Hunting High and Low" by A-ha

"I'll always be hunting high and low
(only for you)
Watching me tearing myself to pieces..
Hunting high and low..
There's no end to the lengths I'll go to..
For you I'll be hunting high and low"


"I Call Your Name" by A-ha

"Through fire and rain..
Through wilderness and pain.
Through the losses, through the gains...
On love's roller coaster train,
I call your name"


"I Won't Forget Her.." by A-ha

"But if one day
Much like today
You stop and wonder what I'd prefer
Well, you know I won't forget her
I won't forget her
She was once my love"


"I've been losing you" by A-ha

"It wasn't the rain,
That made no difference
...nervously drumming on 'Run away'
But I want the guilt to get me..
Thoughts to wreck me,
Preying on my mind."


"Lifelines" by A-ha

"One chance to be back
To the point where everything starts
Once chance to keep it together
Things fall apart
Once I make us believe it's true"
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