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If We Were All Gay Men (Livejournal) by starsatnoon
Your Overtly Gay Trait (OGT)
The Sassy Coffee-Shop Gay mananimus_prime
The Woman-hating Gay Manxelchan
Mr. Queer Leather San Diegonekodru
The Heckling Gay Manmikolashadow
Drag Queen Gay Manmiyuki_mina
Fag Hag Magnetshayana
J Crew Guycharmed_angel
Gym Bunnyjurhael
Partnered Up Off-The-Market Gay Manmichirukaiohv
Flamboyent Gay Manrayvenwing
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*snickers* Oh gods, that really does fit for the Dizzy..  Drinking coffee and being existential.

Oh but this has amused me to no end. 

"In a hundred years from now
They will attempt to tells us how..
That scientific means to bliss
Will superceded the human kiss"

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