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~I'm stepping around in the Desert of Joy..~

Well I woke up with a pleasant dream for once.  Oh dear... and gods it was pleasant.  It involved Inoue Kazuhiko.    I was at the NeoRomance concerts.  (Except it was NeoRomance in a school stadium) and I was on the stage watching the singers come up and sing.  I was also explaining to a companion who the seiyuu were and who they played.  And then the next singer announced.

Who was it?  Inoue Kazuhiko.. and Gekkabijin came on.. and I just went fangirl... majorly.

And then he walked over to the stage where I was hiding and sort of rubbed my shoulder before he returned to center stage.  In my dream I remember wanting to rush out to tell my grandmother that Inoue Kazuhiko touched me, but I didn't.. I stayed around in order to do interpertative dance to Inoue's singing. (Yes a WTF moment) as well as singing along.  Once he was done, then I rushed out to tell her.

Then I woke up.. and was all like *_*

It was nice to have a fangirl moment in sleep.. I haven't been getting too many of those.  (With dreams of her and the whatnot).

Mental note:  Must send Michelle Kyou Kara Maou.. or at least the first episode.  And honestly she will NEED something funny to watch in conjunction with FMA.
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