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Soraya Saga of Xenogears/Saga fame..  she just up and quit

In an odd situation of one "saga" losing another, Scenario Writer Soraya Saga has announced on her website that she will no longer be associated with the Xenosaga series. Sorya Saga and her husband/coworker Tetsuya Takahashi played integral parts in the writing of event scenes for Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht, Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseit von Gut und Boese, and Xenogears. Through the early to mid 1990's, she helped with the graphic design of Romancing SaGa, Final Fantasy VI, and a few other Squaresoft games.

Saga did not say exactly why she has left, and gives indication that such information might never be made public, as the previously linked website requests "no inquiry please," after explaining her departure in the words "Soraya Saga is no longer involved with this series." Thus far, there has been no announcement regarding her future or that of the Xenosaga games. Xenosaga: Episode II will give North Americans another look at Saga and Takahashi's work next month.

This is just sad..  Soraya.. we'll miss you. -_-;  She was the one who created Sigurd.    Maybe her and I are karmically linked or something. (I doubt it. *snickers*)
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