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~Drabble Time: Jin Uzuki from Xenosaga II~

Fandom: Xenosaga II: Jenseits von Gut und Böse
Pairings:  None!
Warnings:  None!  Jin's actually being decent!


Jin Uzuki's favorite place to meditate was outside his residence, in the shrine that he tended to on a regular basis.  It overlooked his parent's graves as well as the sun rising over Second Miltia.  Painting the skies a symphony of prismatic colours that never failed to make him thankful.

Thankful for living another day where that he could see the sun rise over the shimmering sea.

He was not unmindful of the fact that all life would end in time.    He was aware of his mortality, and the mortality of everyone that surrounded him.  He had only seen it in the events that claimed not only his and Shion's mother.. but father as well.    He could of dwelt upon it, buried himself in his books and seclusion.

But he knew that it was not the wish of those that came before.

Many a time his mother had ruffled his hair affectionately, cautioning him to never lose that smile.  Out of all the life lessons he learned, perhaps that one stuck with him, even though it was a seemingly inconsequential admonishment.    His smile was his legacy, and his joy was the future.

"Yokatta.."  He breathed, letting his whispering breath carry itself over those tended graves, and off toward the rising sun.  Thankful for another day.  Thankful for the act of being alive.
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