Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

Good morning everyone. *wraps self up in an electric blanket due to the frigidity of this house*

Edit (because this entry is much too short): I had a nice talk with Dizzy last night, and it was just nice to see her back. I can definitely see her reluctance to get away from the net and I applaud her for it. She also made some awesome art.. the one of Jin and Margulis challenging each other to thumb wrestling was particularly cute. (You know how I'm a Jin whore). So now our Margulis and Jin are going to stop fighting and be friends.. sincere freinds.

And meanwhile Citan sits back and drinks a pina-colada... quite happy in his vacation time. He's not being bugged by me which I suppose is a relief. (Wait, when did he start drinking alchoholic beverages?!)

Jin and Setzer are getting the brunt of everything that I'm dealing with. They are still very strong, they can do nothing about the dreams though. (Oh I won't even mention the dreams..). But I am definitely much improved, and I'm glad for that.. while at times I will pull upon little tendrils of depression, they are not all consuming now. It was depression so bad that it felt like I was dying, and I so do not want to go back there again.. at least not for awhile yet.

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