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~Some people never cease to amaze me~

Including shahni

She just wrote a beautiful piece involving her Vincent muse and my Jin muse.  And it was very touching and sweet.  And I think she captured how I play Jin -quite- well.  She got alot of things down pat..  his rakish behavior as well as how she put it, "Judgement without judgement" which I always thought really applied to Jin.

I've been mindful that I am playing two very rakish characters.  Setzer at FFAU.. and Jin at Squenix.  And yet I have drawn a distinction between those two.. they are different types of rakes..  one is the scholarly rake, the other is the eccentric rake.

However they both tend to come out of things with good humor and a smile.  They are archetypes that I seriously need.  Not borrowing from their raking ways of course.. but what I truly need to borrow from them is their smiles.. there ability to walk away from situations.. any type of situations, with smiles on their faces.

Jin and Setzer have been slightly irreverent but highly inspirational figures for me during these first two weeks of the new year.

So anyways, yes, Shah is a genius.. I ramble.. *rambleramble*
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