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Alexi and I came to a conclusion today when we were watching Prince of Tennis 71 - 75

Well it started because we were arguing over if Fuji would top Tezuka.  I said a resounding yay.. and Alexi said nay.  With the whole argument going, Fuji is evil.. but Tezuka doesn't break.. or flinch

Then that was when episode 74 came around and Tezuka sprouted his Tezuka-zone tentacles.. and we came to the conclusion that Tezuka is...

A tentacle rape monster.

Alexi:  See Fuji might be evil..  but Tezuka is not human.
Me: *sporfles up my soda*

There everyone.  Tezuka's secret is out.  I'm sorry I had to be the bringer of bad news.. *sighs*
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