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Well I do know what I was feeling last week.  Melancholic Depression.    Which sort of figures since I remember on the four type personality test I got the "Melancholy" Personality.  (That is of course the four types based on Melancholy, Sanguine, Cloric and Plegm.. I guess.. the personality types based on excretions.. you know how silly that sounds? *snickers*).    But yes, the one that struck me most was the symptom of waking up way too early.  That was me for a straight week.  Just as well not taking joy in things.  Not to mention the loss in appetite.  I can tell I am over that hump because I -am- eating better.. more nurioushing foods and I am starting to take joy in more things, and smile more..

But last week.. a smile was too big of a thing to ask.  There are only a few people that brought me smiles.  Alexi was one of them.. when he ran into a door. (Yes, I am mean.. -_- I'm like that kid in big daddy..)

Oh yes, I forgot to mention, Squiddy called me last night.  He called me right as I was getting out of the car.  Gee, I've never talked to an anime voice actor before. *snickers* Next time I call, I might have him recite some lines or something. ^_^

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