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~And now you're dancing with another, if you could see my face~

Some new person added me to her friend's list, girlsetsfire14.. however I can't add her because right now I keep getting errors from LJ (hahaha joke is on me *snickers*) but I promise that I -will- add her. If it is the last thing I do (after I download Sailor Moon pictures). My christmas was -okay- I might as well share some little details about it. *heh's* Okay well on Christmas Eve I was crying and sobbing, I had my first -serious- breakdown since the day Alexi got on the plane to go to England. Sure I am alright over here serving my country and making sure that the people that did the whole September 11th thing get what they deserve however I did miss being with my family for Christmas, being with Alexi, being with his parents. Sure me and Alexi will have our Christmas when we are reunited however it still kinda hurt. I went to the rec tent early that morning to watch -Practical Magic- which was a good movie however very.. I dunno unbelievable. Some lines were good and the black cat was absolutely adorable but it just wasn't a favorite movie. Then a few guys come in (who I know) and start hitting on me, to which point we started talking about Xenogears, then anime.. then Yaoi. *heh's* There is nothing better then mentioning -gay porn- that just drives guys away.. -very- effective. I wonder why I didn't try that before.

I went to sleep and had a headache, I forgot my dreams then I woke up and read the book of Shakespeare that Alexi got me for Christmas. Pored over the pictures, (it was illustrated) and then dreaming of the future. Amy drags me to the Chow tent to have Christmas dinner and boy was I stuffed.. tons of turkey, ham, stuffing.. ice cream and pie.. oh I fear I ate enough for a few days. *heh's* Good thing I don't obsess over my weight. *snickers* Then I walked over to Recieving to wish Sgt Wood a merry christmas and throw cocktail peanuts at him (it was my night off). Then I called up Alexi. *sniffles* I love that man. Anyways we traded sappy words and then I hung up and went back to watch movies, then I borrowed Edmonson's PSX and played ChronoTrigger after long last (5 years!)

And I have a few things to say about one of my all time favorite games. I wonder why I didn't get it when I had the chance during the summer. I played that game and got a continual sappy feeling. Did you know that I was 15 when I first played CT? It was Christmas Day and I had gotten it. I fell in love with the story, I fell in love with Zeal Kingdom and most importantly I fell in love with Magus. *snurflesigh* I think I cried when I saw Toma last night.. and oooh when Alexi made that comment about Glenn/Frog being gay last night on the phone I saw Frog in a new light. *snickers*

It was what made Christmas bearable because it was familar. It took me back to the days when I was living with my grandmother, when I would hole myself up in my room and write my ChronoTrigger fanfiction. *sniffles* Oh the past how I lament for you.. well actually I don't.. I am glad I reached this point in my life unscathed and thankful to the Goddess above for the many blessings she has sent my way. Praise be the Elementals! So I am alot more hopeful now because I love myself, I have a man that I love, I have my creativity and imagination, I have my friends who listen to me ramble on LJ and don't think anything of it...

Anton: *sniffles* What about me? *comes toddling out in the dress that Nia shucked on him, a pretty pink creation*
Nia: Pink isn't your color, it clashes with your red hair! *snickers and snaps pictures of Anton*
Anton: Waaaah.. you're so mean to me, Nia. *Flops down and smirks and pulls at the ribbons in his hair*
Nia: I am thankful for you too Anton. *picks him up and cuddles him* Just stay away from Alexi.

Oh yeah my imaginary moogles Kumocha, Kupachino and Kupop hath returned, I knew this when my feet started tickling unbearably and it wasn't Alexi! They had previously been in England annoying the hell out of Alexi. Now they are back meaning I have quite a few imaginary people in my little cubbyhole of the tent. Anton, the 5 plushies, and now 3 playful moogles. Life is beautiful.

So now I am going to putter around online. I love you all! *blows kisses*

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