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~Songs I have sitting in my folder for review~

E-Type Do-wop..  this is just..  I don't know..  I think it may be a bit -too- wierd for me to add to my playlist.  I do possess the occasional slow E-type song.. -_-.. but this.. no.

Anata to lu Yoake by Miki Shinichiro.  Okay I like this song.  +++ A  This is getting added to my playlist.

Loneliness by E-Type.. that is more like it.  This gets added to my playlist.

Fuusou no Kouya by Miki Shinichiro, this is a Yoritaka song from Harutoki 2.  It certainly does not sound like Yorihisa..  it's a great song even though I am not a fan of Miki Shinichiro normally. -_-

The World is not Enough by Garbage.  I don't really like it.  I am picky about the Garbage songs I put on my playlist.  Oh wait, I am picky generally.

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