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~For those concerned~

For those concerned, I will not be making any sort of statements.  I am bowing out of this drama.  Because I am sick and tired of it and it is preventing me from moving on.  Just as people told their sides, so did I tell my side.  Everyone is entitled to tell their side.  I promised that I would not try to contact certain people, and I will not.  Because I made a promise and I will not break it.    I am getting on with my life because that's the only thing to do.  The sooner that everything dies down, the better.    I do not regret what I had in the past, but if I look back then I feel like I will turn to salt.  If you stare at wounds, they will not heal, you have to get up, go to the doctor and get the medicine, cure, etc.  That is what I am doing right now, just as I hope that is indeed what Kuro is doing.

I am not perfect, I have never proclaimed to be perfect.

I am doing what is necessary to think about me right now.... I do realize that I cannot love anyone until I learn to love myself.  I realize that.. and I am going to work on it.  For the future.    But I do not need to be cast down into the mire of bad feelings that I felt a week ago.    She is getting on with her life, and I will get on with mine.

If you are truly concerned for me, you will pray to the goddess and send my name up to her and then move on.  Since you have no direct route to my life anymore, that is really all you can do.  This is the absolute last I shall post on the matter from my end.  Thank you.

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