Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

I woke up, filled out my application for NAF and I am going to run it down this afternoon with all my pertinent information.  Including ID cards and the whatnot.  Hopefully I get that daycare job that I've been wanting.  I turn to the side and I realize that my cats have gotten into the marshmellows.  Which is no doubt not good for them.. damn it.  X_x.

I also unplugged the cellphone since we have to leave it on in case Alexi gets recalled into work.  Damn not having a real phone but we were paying 70 dollars for a phone we didn't use on TOP of cell phone service.. that was just kinda.. wasteful.  There are disadvantages to cell phones of course. -_-  (Like they have to be charged..) And trading in our own cell phone for a camera phone, it takes alot ofwill power for me to leave off the camera.  *it's so tempting*  But you know if you use the camera all the time, then it just sort of goes out with power.

I have morning breath so I am going to go brush my teeth and then I am going to drink a nice long thing of water.

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