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Alexi and I had an argument.  Actually it was more like me forgetting the registration.  And then he sort of nails into me for EVERYTHING that has happened this past week. 

And he tried to bring Kuro into it.    And you know what I said.  I told him to go FUCK himself. 

He was floored, angry, but floored.. since in the majority of our marriage, I've never told him to go fuck himself -once-.

Then I went and did what any Virgo does when she is pretty much upset..  clean.  And I cleaned the whole house in an hour. 

I am still emotionally distraught, he just came out and -forced- me to get on my computer to try to relax myself.  He tried to hug me but I pushed him away.  -_-  I'm still kinda bleary eyed.
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