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I dreamt about her again.  Oh but I probably shouldn't even type it here.. perhaps I should put it in my more private journal.  But once again, no matter how well my evening went, and how much I smiled, I still woke up with an upset stomach and a longing, that will disappate as the sun starts to come out.

You know, it's the truth when they say that the darkest hour is just before dawn.  That is how it feels for me.  One day I will sleep past the darkest hour.. and wake when the sun is shining and streaming through my window.  But until then I can only pray that dawn comes soon.  That I do not have to wait for the sun to shine.

I also noticed this morning when I looked in the mirror that there are bags underneath my eyes.  Pure exhaustion, that is what it is.  Not in the physical sense, no.. but rather in the emotional sense.  I can keep hanging on though.. and it will get better.  In -fact-  I went to sleep last night WITHOUT sleeping pills.  That is a very good thing in my book.  For the past week I've been relying on sleeping aids to help me close my eyes.  And since that is a first, that is pretty damn monumental.

That also means that the sleep I did get was pure sleep.. and not pills induced sleep.

"Maybe this time tomorrow.. the rain will cease to follow..
And the mists will fade into into one more today."

Tezuka should not be allowed to sing Do-wop.. -_-;  I swear the song on my playlist is just WRONG.

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