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~Sody Pop, Sody Pop.. yay yay yay~

Don't ask what kind of crack brained notions I had when I thought of that header.. it was the only thing that I could think of. Sorry I have been neglecting to write anything -truly- personal in my journal for the past couple of days, Nothing has -happened- so I decided to try to exercise my creative muscles here. It is boring.

However when I get home, Alexi is coming down to see me. *snurfles* Hence Nia is gonna be happy. (Nia is gonna get some! *winkwink*)

I am ready "If there be Thorns" by V.C Andrews and you know what scares me.. that I might of gotten my writing style from that author. Of course you know the Bainbridges, they are like the masters of incest and the whatnot. (you can call them all rednecks *snickers) Of course If There be Thorns is really twisted. *blaahs*

I remember reading that book in 5th grade. I have noticed that it is a trend that girls around 5th and 6th grade start reading V.C Andrews.. I think it is the covers and the titles. I started -really- early. Oh did I collect all the books. *hehs* Now I don't know where they went.

Anyways I am alright, not dead.. just not really interesting. Oh yeah to all you guys that got God on your kevin smith female are you test.. I KNEW IT! *hehs*

*worships you guys*

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