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~The End of 2004~

I just talked to xandria on the phone and she gave me a great deal of clarity, information, things to think about, points to ponder, what have you will. much befitting that of someone that I look up to.  A few times I almost lapsed into tears.  I am just glad that I could talk to her, it was wonderful.. and it made me realize that I am a virgo.. and while I have the support of my friends.. it is important that I pull myself out of the mire by myself.. that I do what is right for me.. and I never cave to my personal integrity.

And I feel that the phone call.. it was something that I will remember the most to end this year..  and it will guide me into the next year.

I have also decided.. that I am probably going to revert back to Non-Friend's only.  For me to be Friend's Only, it is myself trying to hide.  It is a wall.  And I told everyone that I do not want walls.. I do not want barriers.  I want to be me.  I want to learn.. and I want to expirience.  So I am taking down the friend's only.

If I have something truly personal to say, I will say it here, or I will take it over to my journal winged_shards which everyone is welcome to friend.  I will let you in if you knock.

There.. I'm done.
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