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(Nia is gonna do this for Magus, cept it is gonna be a before/after thing.. 600 AD and then current time after Zeal is resurrected.)

*Deep in the recesses of Raven'sWing Fortress where he practices his dark arts, a man sits there clad in leather breeches and a lavander tunic, traditionally called a pussy color however it further enhances his otherworldly looks. He is not handsome, no but rather he is striking with chameleon colored hair streaked both light purple, light blue, light grey and white and eyes that float between hues with startling ease.*

*This is -before- he met Corrine*

Part 1 (To be answered in Character)

1. Handle Name: NA
2. Full Name: "Janus Magus Zeal however I kill those that call me Janus, that name is innocence, all that I do not possess."
3. Nicknames: "Toma calls me Mag at times, Maggy when he wants a binding spell put on him."
4. Age: "27 years old however due to a sift in time, I have seen ages go by."
5. Birthplace: "Zeal Palace, a long time ago.. 5,000 BC to be exact." (The date might be wrong, I haven't played CT in awhile.. I will correct this when I get a chance)
6. Place of Residence: "Raven'sWing Fortress on the Medina Continent."
7. Occupation: "I am a Mystic.. or rather the -true- mystic of the continent as well as the proclaimed "King of the Monsters'. That is not due to me, rather Ozzie. He has always been power hungry."
8. Mode of Transportation: "Teleportation when need be however there is my boat the Schala and a carriage. I would like to say that I keep my options open."
9. Mother: "Queen Ileana of Zeal, her soul was ravaged by Lavos unfortunately."
10. Father: "King Lucian of Zeal. He died soon after I was born."
11. Siblings: "I had an older sister named Schala, vastly talented in the magic arts. And then I had a younger half brother named Setzer."
12. Birth Order: "The middle one. Too young to be important, too old to be the baby."
13. Straight, Gay or Bi?: "Neither. I hate women, I hate men.. end of story."
14. Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Mate: "What did I just say?"
15. Who lives with you now: "Ozzie, Slash and Flea.. my minions. And then when Toma Levin wants to visit, then he stays here as well."
16. Children: "Oh god no. I can't abide a mate, I certainly don't want children. I would sooner throw them to my minions.. let -them- play with 'em."
17. Race: "The Mystic Race of which I am now the only descendant."
18. Enemies: "Right now Gaurdia has proclaimed -me- their enemy. I cannot help it if all of them are exceedingly stupid. My true enemy is Lavos however, he who took from me all that I wanted or needed is going down.. this I swear."
19. Best Friend: "I suppose if it should be anyone, it would probably be Toma, sure he might feed me bullshit stories half the time but he is always dependable to go on a ingredient search for me and he amuses me, what can I say?"
20. Birthdate and Astrological Sign: "July 14th, and I am a cancer. I don't see why it matters."
21. On a scale of 1 to 10, how much have you changed in the past 5 years?: "I don't change, I evolve."
22. Favorite Drink: "Water, it doesn't mar the magical energy like most drinks do."
23. Favorite Food: "Anything that Slash prepares is most certain to be excellent."
24. Favorite Memory: "I suppose it is when on me and Toma's first adventure, he got caught up by this huge tentacle monster and waved around wildly, that shade of green I have never seen, not even on Ozzie's skin." *Magus stifles a slight chuckle*
25. Favorite Time of Year: "Winter, there is something peaceful and bleak about it.. a complete loss of hope. Somehow my soul cries out for that bit of nothing."
26. Favorite thing to wear: "Anything comfortable, it is not like I am trying to impress anyone. I do have to admit that I am attached to my burgundy velvet cape."
27. What is the one thing that you would change about yourself if you could?: I would change the past, not just my past but the whole past of Zeal. Somehow be able to save Schala and Setzer."
28. Favorite Colour: "Purple and black."
29. Pascifist or Activist?: "Activist.. for I have a purpose and nothing will keep me from it."
30. Who is your Role-Model: "The three gurus, Gasper, Melchoir and Balthasar. They have always been my role-models.. even when I was a young child."
31. Most hectic aspect of your life: "To date it was kidnapping Queen Leene. Why did I do it, you ask? Because I needed the Hero's medal."
32. Religion of choice: "I worship nothing."
33. Hobbies: "Playing the violin, reading, studying, dark mattering Ozzie when he requires it, practicing magic and fending off Flea's advances."
34. Favorite Room in your house: "My laboratory. Usually what eases my mind is being able to practice the skills that I will need to summoun Lavos."
35. Pets: "I had a cat named Alfador. It was -my- cat and talked only to me."
36. Type of Childhood: "Hellish."
37. Favorite Type of Music: "My favorite music is the type I create though I am amused whenever Toma kicks out his lute and plays fruity bard. I have seen women hit on him because of it."
38. Favorite Expletives: "Every expletive in the book I have used at one time or another."
39. Bedtime Reading of choice: "Right now I am reading a book on Alchemy."
40. Education: "Everything I have learned, I taught myself. I did have tutors back in Zeal who taught me all the finer points of latin, history, english, and the rudimentaries. However us Zealians have always been extremely intelligent, able to learn things at a drop of a pin."
41. Do you play any instruments?: "Violin, it calms me whenever I get frustrated http://www.mamoru.net/pictures.asp?senshi=moonor angry. My chosen path has given me quite a few frustrations."
42. Childhood Memory that still affects you: "The very last scene of Zeal I glimpsed, when my mother forced Schala to summon Lavos and then portals came up and whisked me and the three gurus away. I don't know what happened after that because I appeared here in this time."
43. Worst Fear: "That everything that I have been working toward will be futile and Lavos will continue to live, feed on the earth and destroy."
44. Most at Ease when: "When by myself, solitude is bliss."
45. Most ill-at ease when: "When the dark wind howls.."
46. Priorities: "Destroying Lavos.. there can be no other priority in my life."
47. Are you comfortable with yourself?: "Fairly."
48. What do you regret the most?: "I regret the sins of my mother for I fear that they will soon be visited down upon me."
49. If granted one wish, what would it be?: "That Lavos never existed."
50. Optimist or Pessimist?: "Optimistic in a twisted sort of way."
51. Introvert or Extrovert?: "Introvert."
52. Most valuable lesson learned: "We cannot rely on others, rather we must always depend on ourselves first and formost."
53. Do you believe in Fate: "Yes I believe that fate is infinitely cruel but not altogether set in stone."
54. Favorite ice cream: "What the fuck is ice cream?"
55. What would you change about yourself if you could: "I would give myself more power for I fear that I am going to need it in the future.. the future is such a hazy word, don't you agree?"

Part 2 (To be answered OOC)
56. Relationship with Mother: He hates his mother for the monster that she became, her utter lack of concern for her children.. all for power and control over the future. In fact he hates that word, "future" for it entails what one cannot predict, it implies change.
57. Relationship with Father: He never knew is father however he is aware that when his father was alive there was no problems at Zeal, because Schala had told him that. So perhaps he respects the Late King Zeal.
58. Relationship with each sibling: He adored Schala, in fact worshiped her. She was the perfect woman and he lamented over her fate when he got hurtled through time and put in the Middle ages. He even had nightmares over her but there is something in his mind that believes that she is still alive. As for Setzer, well he didn't see Setzer much because Setzer was Dalton's little brat and he dispised Dalton with all the anger in his little heart. There is something that tells him that Setzer is still alive as well.
59. How s/he feels about self: He feels okay about himself however it is hard to get into Magus's mind as a character. I am sure he holds alot of vulnerablilities that carry over from "Janus" but he holds alot of that inside where no one can get to them.
60. Past failures s/he would be embarassed to have people know about: He still feels guilty about not being able to do anything to stop the debacle of Zeal no matter the fact that he was only 5 years old at the time.
61. Greatest source of strength in character's personality (whether s/he sees it as such or not): His determination and the lengths that he will go to achieve something, he has a single-mindedness of focus.
62. Greatest source of weakness in character's personality (whether s/he sees it as such or not): Perhaps that many have termed him unfeeling.. sure that can be a strength because it sheilds him from the rest of the world but it prevents him from seeing what a joy life can be.
63. Character's soft spot: I suppose right now his friendship with Toma. I think that he would do anything for Toma because Toma was the first actual friend that accepted him for who he was.
64. Is this soft spot obvious to others (If not, how does the character hide it)?: Of course it isn't apparent, much in Magus style he acts like he doesn't care.
65. Biggest Vulnerability: I have never thought about his vulnerability before because he doesn't really show it. I think deep down Magus -is- lonely for someone to care for him despite his facade of self reliance. After all Magus never had a childhood, never was around to see a truly loving family.
66. Drives and Motivations: Kill Lavos, what else did you expect?
67. Talents: Dark Magic, the ability to teleport and stealth. Sure he knows other magic but his blood is naturally aligned to the dark arts. (Thinks that Magus should be the new defense of dark arts teacher at hogwarts *giggles*)
67. Extremely unskilled at: Showing his feelings, for so long he has kept a wall around his mind that it is almost impossible to penetrate.
68. Good Character traits: Loyal, I mean he doesn't backstab people.. people are just naturally stupid and can't pick up the subtle hints. Sides that he would never -hurt- Toma and would most likely kill anyone that.did. He is also very intelligent and resourceful.
69. Character Flaws: Okay so he is emotionless and unfeeling, okay so he is also not the happiest person to be around either. And his language when he is angry isn't the most sterling.. and not to mention that he keeps feelings inside. Nah, Magus is not the paragon of virtue evidentally.
70. Mannerisms: He walks with purpose yet his footfalls are nearly silent. Mysterious and cloaked to all that watch him, he rarely lets down his gaurd, even the way he sits give testament to this.
71. Peculiarities: Maybe it is his celibacy which he holds fast to. Toma thinks it is abnormal, so do all three of his minions. Sex holds no plausible interest for him, most of his energies are devoted toward other worthier activities.
72. Character's Darkest Secret (And does anyone else know?): His darkest secret is that he really isn't the villian.. however no one knows this except for Toma. (Even his villians think that he is summouning Lavos for a more dire reason.
73. Biggest Accomplishment: The orcestrated kidnapping of Leene which definitely showed his ingeniuity and cleverness.
74. Minor Accomplishments: The taking of Cyrus's life and most importantly soul which he needs to take in order to summoun Lavos.
75. What does s/he do too much of: Introspection
76. What does s/he do too little of: Interacting with others
77. Song quote to describe him/her:

"If I turn my back, I'm defenseless,
And to go blindly seems senseless.
If I hide my pride and let it all go on,
Then they'll take from me til everything is gone.
If I let them go, I'll be outdone
But if I try to catch them, I'll be outrun.
If I'm killed by the questions like a cancer,
Then I'll be buried in the silence of the answer."
-By Myself by Linkin Park.

78. Song that always brings said character to mind: "Crawling" by Linkin Park.. in fact that whole CD, Hybrid Theory fits him.
79. Main Inspiration for character: There were many inspirations. Thanks to Squaresoft for creating him however I compared Magus to 2 of my ex boyfriends.. Donald and then more predominately Matt Cross. They are mostly the inspiration for his thoughts and feelings even though I have -no- idea what they thought. I guess it is kinda what I -wanted- them to think.
80. What do you share with this particular character (could be favorite ice cream to philosophy on life): Absolutely nothing unfortunately.

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