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LEMON ALERT! *do not read on if you are easily offended*

(Once again this is apart of my fanfiction.. however this takes place after the Chrono Trigger fanfiction. *loves giving people teasers of my writing* So don't ask.. just enjoy *heh's* BTW this contains stuff that is sexually explicit however I know you guys can take it.)


Corrine made her way to Magus's chamber with hastening footsteps as the purple flamed torches cast shadows over the already darkened hallways. There was no movement anywhere as the occupants of the castle had long since retired to their rooms. All evening she had mulled over the problem that lay before her, even while she feigned sleep and Magus' carried her to her chambers and laid her down. Tomorrow was her wedding day and as Toma laughingly referred to as "third time's the charm" however there was one thing that floated through her mind.

She couldn't go through with it.

Of course she held Magus' child in her belly and she laid a hand there to feel the strong life pulsing from underneath, but could she really severe Magus from his mother? Could she cost him to be banished forever with her, a mere mortal maiden that had only chanced upon the fountain of immortality in a fate's careless trick. She was sure that Lady Lachesis and Darryn meant well but there was that nagging fear inside her.. that they would never be happy with the shadow of his mother cast over them.

But she couldn't leave him, not tonight. Not while the moon still hung in the inky night. So she crept to Magus' room and opened the double doors very softly. It was so easy to slip inside and as her eyes adjusted, she saw Magus's form laying there on the bed and then noticed that form shoot up.

"Who is it?" There was a defensive edge to his voice that he had not lost, even after all those years apart.

"It is I." Corrine murmured softly and took a few steps into the room. "I couldn't sleep, I was thinking perhaps you would let me sleep with you." Never had she tried to seduce Magus before, what had happened to get her pregnant was both longed for and mutual, a culmination of feelings long since restrained.

"You are more then welcome." Magus said as he patted the spot beside him. In the moonlight Corrine could see the naked paleness of his chest and her heartbeat quickened and she felt as if she would dissolve into tears right then. It was with courage that she approached the large canopied bed. Her hand rose to the silver buttons of her night dress.

"I'd like to take you as I find you,
Imagine our clothes are on the floor.
Feel my caress,
So soft and gentle..
So delicate you cry for more."

Magus' eyes widened slightly as he saw Corrine disrobe, he likewise felt himself grow hard with longing. How long had it been since they last made love? How resolutely he had promised himself that they should wait til their wedding night to share a bed again. Temptation was now standing right before him and he couldn't draw his eyes away from the sight. With a tentative push the nightgown slipped from her form and pooled down around her feet much like the fins of mermaids and then she took another step toward the bed.

"What the hell are you doing?" Magus rasped out, his face flushing slightly from the heat that his body was radiating at the mere sight of her high pink tipped breasts and the curve of her hips. A woman that had been made for him and him alone, after all he had been the only man to touch her, to claim her. Was this vision of Corrine a succubus come to trouble his dreams with lust?

"I don't like sleeping without you." Corrine said with the most delicate pout as she took up the edge of the purple spread and slipped underneath. Her amethyst eyes were sad enough that Magus would have right instantly given her anything her heart desired. The flesh of her leg touched Magus's own skin and the mystical force of that contact was invitation alone for Magus, causing him to draw her into his warm and strong embrace. His lips sought her own almost frantically to perhaps silence her from changing her mind and his fingers twined in her long locks of platinum, he pulled her head back only long enough to take the softness of her lower lip between his own teeth and nibble lightly.

You know baby, you know baby does it right.
You know baby does it right.

The only illumination was the moonlight and it pooled around them, creating a mystical altar on which their love was sacrificed to the sacred ritual of sex. The weight of his own body forced hers back onto the massive pile of pillows, pining her there so that he could worship her in the way that she deserved. For so long he had lived in the shadow of loneliness with only memories of their brief time on earth to sustain him, and then like an angel she appeared in his life and just like back on earth, it was impossible for him to ignore the call that she held over his soul. Nothing could keep him away from her that so easily completed him, and he dared anyone to keep them apart for he would destroy any obstacles to what he termed a "perfect" love.

"Corrine." He whispered as he trailed his lips across her cheek and down the curve that led to her smooth neck. It was said reverently, a whispered breath against her skin. Such a soft touch caused Corrine to shiver softly and instinctively Magus covered more of her body with his own to drive those shivers away, replace them with gasps.

Universe inside of your heart,
You've got to let me know,
So you can be free baby.
You wanted it so much,
And now that its over.. you don't know what you want.

He laid his hand on her soft flat belly and smiled down at her, he could feel the life growing inside her and it gave him a foreign sense of.. dare he say possesion? It was his child, their child. Created the magical first time their bodies had ever entered into the age old dance, it could only mean that they were fated to be together.. forever. His hand then moved downward til the fingertips were tickled by curling whisps that he knew to be dove white, a little lower until he was slowly parting that fluff to touch the small nub of flesh that was extremely sensitive. Her body arched, the exact reaction that he had wanted and with a little more pressure his fingers moved to seek out even the smallest whimper from her and like a prayer he got it.

"Magus.." Her eyes opened up wider as she gazed up at Magus's darkened profile, all she could see was the glitter of his eyes watching her carefully, judging every reaction and taking subsequent action. His thumb caressed her clit as she felt his fingers enter her, test her to see if she was ready for him. A shiver passed through him as he felt the evidence of arousal, so wet to the touch and he hand to steel himself against pulling away his hand to substitute with his cock.

However he had to have evidence of her pleasure, he had to feel her wild underneath him. He could only enjoy his own release if Corrine was there at his side feeling the same things. Both their breathing became labored as he buried three fingers inside her, his control was being tested to the limits and he could smell the scent of sex that radiated from her body. A groan emmerged from his lips as he knelt down to nuzzle against her heaving breasts, his tongue reaching out to touch the hardened tip of one and swirl around it gently, laving it with the hot saliva of his mouth.

The torture was enough to make Corrine ache, she was close but she knew that she was completely at the mercy of Magus. One hand reached up to tangle in his locks of silvery blue hue and furthermore to draw him closer to her. Her mind refused to think of anything beyond this fragile moment for that meant she would have to leave him, leave their future together. In this singlemindedness of passion, she did not have to worry about blocking her thoughts from him for her only thoughts were of enjoying him and the pleasure that their bodies wrought together.

Magus raised his head up from her breast and looked into her lust clouded eyes, likewise knew that she was ready. He removed his fingers and then lightly caressed her cheek with those same come stained fingers, her skin was damp and cool and the complete opposite of the fiery depths that they had just emmerged from

Put time in a capsule,
Two minds consentual
Entwined to perfection..
If we could..

With silent anticipation he hovered over her, parting her legs gently and then positioning himself right over her. He balanced himself with his forearms and then very easily let himself slip into her, letting out a deep breath in response to the pure warmth that wrapped about him. She was his shelter, not just in this physical sense, but in an emotional sense too. Both twined and became one in the heat of the moment. Burying himself as deep as he could, he paused to look down at her flushed face.. the woman that he loved, the woman that he was to marry. A union that had waited goddess knew how long, he wouldn't be denied any longer these feelings of completeness.

Setting the rhythem, he moved against her and took delight in the quiet whimpers that she used to express herself with during their lovemaking. Each thrust corded their bodies together and a fine line of sweat edged against his brow in concentration. Every thrust claimed her body in possession, his possession.

Corrine's body felt light and she wrapped her legs around his waist to clench him tightly. Desire had completely taken over and she was a victim. Her arms drapped around his shoulders and her lips sought his own to kiss against his parted lips and taste the salty sweat that trickled against them. Her hips bucked up against his to urge him closer and then she let out a soft cry as the nerves in her body became more taut, before they finally broke. His mouth silenced her own cry and she clenched in spasms around his cock.

Her orgasm reverbated against him like the reflections in a mirror, unstoppable and he used it as a pushboard to his own release. There was no mercy as he took his pleasure with sure and fast strokes that would send him over the edge after her. When he lost it, he filled the room with an anguished cry, still unused to the feelings that coursed through his body after so long living with celibacy. He fell back to the bed limply, holding Corrine's body close as their bodies still joined in the perfect union. Shivers and shocks still pulsed through their connected bodies and as the moments wore on, the duration between them lengthened and they both caught their breathes.

Cuddle up close,
Lay on my chest now..
Listen my heartbeats coming down.
If you get tired you close your eyes now,
When you wake up, I won't be found.

He drew the covers over them both with the remaining strength that he had left and nuzzled her slender neck, checking to see if he had broken her in any way. To him this was the best part of their union when he could hold her and kiss her down off the cloud that she had flown up to.. ensuring that she came down back to earth to be with him. Their legs were still entwined and his fingers splayed through her hair.

"I love you Corrine Nineve Graie.." Magus whispered ardently against her ear as they both shifted so that he could spoon her. Corrine closed her eyes and didn't answer, feigning sleep so that he would fall asleep quickly. She spent the next few hours in the circle of his arms, completely awake.. until she was sure that Magus had entered a deep slumber then she moved out of his arms very slowly, careful not to wake him.

Once she was clothed, she exited the room and only then did she allow herself to cry the tears that had threatened to come out when she had been lying there so close to the beat of Magus' heart.

Because I know baby, I know you're the nervous kind.
So much going on in your mind.

Universe inside of your heart
You've got to let me know so you can be free, baby.
You wanted so much and now that its over,
You don't know what you want.

She slipped into her room and looked at the packed suitcase with softly misted purple eyes. She was not prepared to leave and yet she knew that she had to. Her hand rested on her stomach where Magus' seed had planted itself and she thought to herself, would the child ever know its father? She hoped that one day the paths would diverge however she could not tell. Maybe Lady Lachesis would tell her. For now she couldn't think about the possibilities.

But let me tell you now,
This time I'm gonna make you mine (I'm not letting you go)
Cuz I know this time I'm gonna make sure I look out for me.
Cause you know baby, you know baby does it right,
You know baby does it right.
You will only end up lost in lonliness,
Wake up with the words already on your lips..
So I'll let you go baby..

When she arrived at the inn in Medina, there was Darryn waiting. One of the most dependable people in her life as well as one of her best friends. Sure Toma Levin counted but he was also Magus' best friend, she couldn't tell him anything without the fear that he would go and tell Magus. Despite the ruse that him and Lady Lachesis played on her and Magus, she couldn't blame him wholely and while the shock of finding out he was gay at the time caused her to faint, she couldn't blame him now and that in a way caused her to feel safer around him.

"You are leaving Magus after all we did to ensure that you would be together?" Darryn tsked as he hefted up her bags and put them in the back of his silver Eclipse.

"Queen Zeal would never understand."

"Neither will Magus."

Universe inside of your heart
You've got to let me know so you can be free, baby.
You wanted it so much and now that it's over,
You don't know what you want.

-Universe by Savage Garden and Songfic by Nia Westphal


If you read this far, then I applaud you! *snickers*

Love you all!


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