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~Those that came before~

My topic of today's LJ rant? *heh's* Squaresoft heroines and my absolute favorites.

Why you ask? Well I have been to alot of different sites in which people flame other characters. Personally I find that is wrong, each character is good in their own way, just some are more likable. I guess I will start with FF2. My favorite heroine would be Rydia there.

Why Rydia. Because she has a deep compassionate streak that mythical creatures seem to latch on to, hence why she could command the loyalty of Ifrit, Shiva and yes even Ashura. She is able to enter the land of summouned monsters because of it, and even stay there.. and then she emmerges a beautiful and spirited young woman. Sure Rosa was okay if you liked a female that was forever getting herself kidnapped. That works for some people, just not for me. Oh yeah Rydia's little spats with Edge is particularly amusing especially when you know that they are going to get married later. (And in my fanfic they have a daughter named Kaydia Eblanes who eventually married Stephan Gabbiani.. Setzer's son. *snickers*)

Celes Chere from FF3. Ooh goodness yet another strong female who wasn't going to take shit from any man. Edgar tries to hit on her, no such luck.. and she tries to deny her feelings for Locke and eventually they do realize how much they mean, but not before Celes proves to Locke that she can stand on her own two feet. Oh yeah and the scene at the Opera house further cemented it for me. "Oh my hero.. so far away now." Truly a sappy moment.

*cracks knuckles* Aerith Gainsbourough. Yes I loved her with a passion, she was strong, beautiful and sacrificial. Here that, Sacrificial. Now knowing how I adore to play characters that think of others before themselves, it is no surprise that I would love Aerith. I could personally care less if Aerith got together with Cloud, I preferred Sephiroth anyways.. Let Tifa have Cloud. But Aerith, oh the tears I cried when she died.. but I wasn't sorry. It enriched the storyline, (And after that part, everything in the game went to hell.. but that is my opinion)

Selphie Tilmitt from FF8. Rinoa.. she just annoyed me for some reason. She had a bad attitude and while she does get better in the game, Selphie makes me smile with her "lets go get em" attitude.. and did you check out her little online diary when you are playing the game. Damn, that was so cute. I mean every game has to have a character that sort of spreads sunshine into the hearts of the other characters.. Aerith did it for 7 and Relm did it for 3.. Just gimme my Selphie plushie! *waaaaaaaii's*

FF9.. hands down, Garnet. It was nice to have a heroine kinda shy and introverted like Garnet. And through the game watching her emmerge with the help of Zidane. Another thing was that she wasn't pursing the main character.. which was a change after the last two games. She was actually resisting Zidane's advances. Maybe she was holding herself out for Kuja.. I know I would of! *winks*

Elyham Van Houten.. *shivers* Again she starts out a complete bitch and then ends up very sacrificial and giving. I loved the little reincarnated love story that Fei and Elly had going, it enriched the game. I only hope that the game Xenosaga can compete with Xenogears. *crosses fingers* But anyways Elly starts out a soldier of Solaris and ends up being like a Mother of Nisan.. very humanitarian. *le sighs*

ChronoTrigger had no main female character that I liked with the exception of Lucca and even then I didnt like her as much as I liked Magus. *mrrs*

CronoCross - Harle! *hee's* Oh my goodness she stole my heart. I have a thing for jester girls. *star eyes* And the french accent. *shivers* Ooooh.. Lets just say that I love Harle to death. (I also liked Guile because he -was- Magus to me, I don't care what anyone else says.)

FF10.. I can make a vauge prediction.. I predict I will like Lulu.. or Yuna.. all depends on the personality.. if Rikku is like Selphie then maybe her.. well damn it I just have to play the game, don't I?

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