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~It wasn't the rain that made the difference.~

I would like to say that doing the meme song (25 songs, favorite lyrics) would be rather pointless due to the fact that I seem to have the ability to listen to no songs -but- this song.  And I will not stop listening to it until I've grown thoroughly tired of it.    I sort of slacked while surfing for Supara last night..  clicking over things fastly... then if I didn't find art that I liked, I'd click right back to the main page.    Which means I'm willing to bet that I missed some sort of treasure trove of Citan/Jin pictures.

-- Dream Description --

I had a wierd dream.  It was about my Aunt Cathy, and Alexi.. and a few other people.    Alexi and I were going through the emminent divorce and then we went to this super market.  It was one of those dreams were I -thought- I was going to die.  (I have those dreams alot.. dreams were I am going to die  and I have the knowledge to deal with.)  And of course we thought we were being shipped to a system that was the soylent system. (Last time I explain the Soylent System to acidae before I go to bed).    And during the process we passed out.  And then when we waked up, we found out we were on a big fluffy bed of..  Crossaints.    And evidentally we were graded on how good our crossaints were.  And then I wanted to go back to do it again.. but the class had ended.

-- End Dream Sequence --

I woke up with Hyuga sleeping on my stomach.  This is of course because Alexi keeps this house like a freezer.  It is sixty-five degrees in the house.  Granted he does not want to waste money.. and in the gas world I don't know how much each bit of heat costs.  But when I get the second job come January (My reasoning is that most jobs here around the holidays is TEMP).. the FIRST thing that happens is I turn the heater up to seventy. >_<

My toes will thank me for it.

Wow, I do not normally type type this much about my real life.  As many of you have figured, I tend to keep myself pretty well guarded and with only a few people knowing me -past- all the fangirlish squeeing and squealing.  kurohyou, the_hen, xandria and twistedrper666.  I have always been of the opinion that it's better to safeguard your heart and soul from anyone.. especially in the online arena...  so those who have earned my trust, earned my trust instinctively and immediately, after they seemed to pass all my tests that my psyche puts up.

Ah but I digress and I ramble.. that has been my long-winded entry for the day.  I had a feeling I was due for one of these after all my frantic one-liners.

Now I'm going to go make Angel Food Cake.  YUM!



(I might have to make this Aha the daily download.. maybe that will get it out of my mind...  why is it that Aha appeals to something deep and primal in me.    Aha music personifies the melancholy in my soul....)
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