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Title: Brand New Day by Sting
Genre:  Soft Introspective Rock.. (Don't you just adore my convulated classifications?)
Comments:  There is just something about this song by Sting that I enjoy.  Sting appeals to my logical side, he appeals to my Inner!Citan.  Because what he sings about makes such practical sense and yet has an inner romance about it.  This song is off his "Brand New Day" CD and it is probably my favorite Sting CD.  It, I believe holds all the world's truths in it if you just listen to it and comprehend what it has to say.    I also wrote a songfic to it.  A -het- fic in fact. (Oh my god, GASP, NIA DOES NOT WRITE HET RIGHT?!?!?!), between my character Magus Zeal and an original character  Corrine Graie.    Probably the only het pairing I will actively support.  Because I invested 5 years into their story... so if not written on paper, it is written in my mind.    And now I will share that songfic.

Now this deserves a bit of background because this is a couple that has countless songfics written by me. Magus Zeal from Chrono Trigger and Corrine Graie (An original character) I wrote a story about Magus Zeal in 10th grade and it introduced Corrine and then they just became a couple. Magus is one character I could -never- turn Yaoi, no matter how much he is hit on by transgendered Flea. His heart is with Corrine just like Corrine's heart is his. Not to say they haven't had their falling outs else their story would fill only 1 book instead of 1 novella and 3 books.

This is the songfic that applies to the end of the first book.


"How many of you people out there
Have been hurt in some kind of love affair?
And how many times did you swear
That you'd never love again?
How many lonely, sleepless nights,
How many lies, how many fights?
And why would you want to put yourself through all of that again?"

Magus was at his desk, rifling through all the paperwork that his father, Lucian, carelessly tossed for him to sort. Of course he didn't mind that sort of work, after all he was the Advisor to the King of Zeal and had to apply himself to such tasks. Work was his only comfort, that and holing himself up in his laboratory away from the prying eyes of his family. As of lately he had become a creature of reflection as well as solitude. Through his mind wandered 'what if's" and 'could of been's" which he realized wasn't healthy.. this pre-occupation of his.

He shoved his papers to the side and got up from his desk, walking to the window that looked out over the grounds of the palace. As well he could see the platinum shine of the Millenia City skyline, coloring the sky a million iridescent colours with the help of the setting sun.

Such beauty he could of learned to appreciate but for now it cast but a feeble shadow on his numb heart.

"Love is pain I hear you say,
Love is a cruel and bitter way of
Paying you back for all the faith you've ever had in your brain.
How could it be that what you need the most,
Can leave you feeling just like a ghost.
You never want to feel so sad and lost again."

Setzer paused at the doorway, having been gathering some supplies for the airship trip he was going to take with his wife, Violetta. He was not so dense that he did not catch the air of wistfulness about his brother who stood at the window. Being of only half Zeal blood, he still could pick up the nuances of emotions that the rest of the family exhibited however chaotically.

"You okay?" Setzer inquired, his eyes flitting to the grey of deep concern as he leaned against the door frame.

There was no reply from Magus, just a slight bowing of the head.

"It's her.. isn't it?"

"One day you could be looking
Through an old book in rainy weather.
You see a picture of her smiling at you,
When you were still together.
Or you could be walking down the street,
And who should you chance to meet...
But that same old smile you've been thinking about all day."

"If you need anyone, I am here.." Setzer murmured, understanding Magus's need for silence, and then he took his leave of the room.

Magus wasn't really looking out at everything, at least he was not concentrating on it. Rather he was thinking of Corrine, the woman that owned his heart. He was not a complete man right now. Just when he had reached that point in his life when he was ready for Corrine to become his wife, have her bear his children.. start a family, she had dashed it all the ground by running goddess knew where. And while he should of hated her for it, he loved her all the more.

It frustrated him beyond belief that she could do this to him, but it frustrated him even more that he couldn't be with Corrine during this difficult time of her pregnancy. That his child, be it a son or a daughter, would be born and grow up without its father.

"Why don't we turn the clock to zero honey,
I'll sell all the stock, we'll spend all the money
We're starting up a brand new day.
Turn the clock all the way back,
I wonder if she'll take me back.
I'm thinking in a brand new way."

Let there be no question, he had scoured every place he knew to exist and could find no trace of her, it was like she disappeared into the Bermuda Triangle and left only memories of herself, no concrete physical traces. So he was held at a stand-still, pausing on this great void of purgatory that he was destined to cool his heels on.

He knew what drove her away, his mother. She who had made Zeal crumble down all around her children's feet also was the one who drove that one chance at a happily ever after away into the horizon. Oh yes, she expected him to be the dutiful son and stay there bearing the pain while he served her and by right he would do that. But he would do it with bitterness. Any love that he had retained for his mother fled just as surely as Corrine had disappeared into the great unknown.

Turn the clock to zero sister,
You'll never know how much I missed her..
I'm starting up a brand new day.
Turn the clock to zero boss,
The river's wide, we'll swim across.
We're starting up a brand new day."

The one good thing is that he developed from this emotional calamity was a rapport with his father. Lucian who had been through the same things that he had, that had seen troubles that a man was not supposed to see. Driven to fake his own death and live apart from his children, it put more world weary expirience on Lucian then Magus could even comprehend. Not to mention that Lucian had revealed that he had a relationship with Corrine's father, a strong friendship that was deep judging from the look of pain in Lucian's eyes whenever he mentioned Leif

"We seem to share a weakness for Graies.." Lucian had commented wryly while they were talking over affairs of the country.

Those words floated into Magus's head. Yes, indeed. Corrine, to him, was like a drug.. extremely addictive in the way that she made him think about himself and now he was going through withdrawels from life. Was there really such a thing as -life- now that she was gone?

"It could happen to you
Just like it happened to me.
There is simply no immunity,
There's no guarentee
I say love is such a force if you find yourself in it..
You need some time for reflection.
You say baby wait a minute, wait a minute baby."

The ring of the phone interrupted his thoughts and he stalked over to answer it, his long slender fingers closing over the reciever, he picked it up and held it to his ear, his voice extremely professional. He didn't have a secretary to answer his phone because he had no patience with most women.

"Magus Zeal, Advisor to King Lucian." Magus said formally as he took a seat at his desk.

"Don't sound so formal there, Mr. Advisor."

Magus allowed a smile to briefly alight upon his face at the sound of the very informal voice, it was one he knew well.. "I am only as formal as my mood dictates."

"Then you definitely have a stick stuck up your ass constantly." Came the chuckling reply. Magus -could- of been offended but he wasn't. It wasn't possible for him to be indignant with such a close friend.

"So what is your reason for calling?" Magus asked, his usual spiel with Toma that always got Toma's feather's ruffled.

"Reason? What better reason for me to call you then to catch up? I am hurt, I thought we were friends. But I suppose I -should- cut to the chase.. yes I do have very valuable information." Toma said enigmatically over the phone.

"Yes..." Magus said a trifle impatiently, his heart skipping a beat. There was only one other person who was as close to Toma as he was and that was Corrine.

"You are now the proud father of a certain Janus Cyrus Zeal born 9:09 early this morning."

"And the mother? How is she?" Magus asked, his voice almost choking with the suddenness of it all, the encompassing emotions that threatened to engulf him.

"Cori is well if a trifle exhausted."

"And the child?"

"Screaming at the top of his lungs. He definitely holds promise of being like you. Very autocratic"

"Thanks.." Magus said drily. There was a slight pause as he formed the next question. "Where.. is she? Can I come down and at least see my child... and her?" Magus tentatively asked.

"Magus, I can't.. she swore me to secrecy. To violate that pact with her would be just as bad as if I violated a pact with you."

"I will see them eventually and there is nothing that she, my mother or you can do to stop me." Magus vowed bitterly before biting his tongue a bit sheepishly. "Please tell them both.. Janus and Corrine.. that I am thinking about them."

After talking for a few more minutes about mundane non-corrine related things, they both hung up and Magus rested his forehead against his hand, closing his eyes wearily. He would have to bide his time, Corrine couldn't keep his son away from him indefinitely.

I'm the rhythem in your tune,
I'm the sun and you're the moon,
I'm the bat and you're the cave,
You're the beach and I'm the wave,
I'm the plough and you're the land,
You're the glove and I'm the hand,
I'm the train and you're the station,
I'm the flagpole to your nation.
I'm the present to your future,
You're the wound and I'm the suture,
You're the magnet to my pole,
I'm the devil in your soul,
You're the pupil, I'm the teacher,
You're the church and I'm the preacher,
You're the flower, I'm the rain,
Your the tunnel and I'm the train.

At that exact moment, Schala burst into the room, her purple hair streaming everywhere and her purple eyes gleaming with good natured mischief. She stood there and started giggling. Magus looked up, his eyes a irritable grey that had everything to do with his mood as well as being interrupted in his bittersweet grief.

"Don't mope, J. I have good/bad news. The good news is that Alfador just had her kittens!"

"I shudder to hear the bad news."

"Alfador had the kittens on your bed!" Schala exclaimed as she dashed out of the room, anticipating Magus's frenzied rush to his bedroom.

"Gods no!" Was the last thing that was heard as Magus ran out of the office like there was a fire therein.

And Magus was greeted by 5 bouncy little kittens in varying shades of purple bouncing up and down on the bed chirping cutely, "Magus is a autocratic dickwad."

Definitely the starting of a brand new day.

You're the crop to my rotation,
You're the sum of my equation,
I'm the answer to your question,
If you follow my suggestion,
We can turn this train around.
We'll go up instead of down,
You're the pan and I'm the handle,
You're the flame and I'm the candle,
I'm the bee and you're the flower,
You're the princess in the tower,
I'm the mast to your sail,
I'm the hammer, you're the nail.

Perhaps in this brand new day, Magus would find Corrine. The light of life made that hope a little bit more tangible. The birth of Janus.. that must hold some sort of sway over Corrine.

-Songfic by Nia Westphal,

Brand New Day by the artist, Sting

My apologies to anyone who thinks that it is mary-sue.  And with Magus's regard for Corrine, it could be construed as mary-sue (since she never makes an appearance in this songfic) however I based Corrine off my grandmother strongly.  I made her a real woman who could not get the guy at the end.. I wanted her to feel pain, I wanted her to feel loss, I wanted them both to feel loss.    And hence Magus never instantly fell into her lap.    I am of the belief that one cannot know true love until one knows loss.  It makes one cherish that love all the more.  The songfic is a bit rough.. but I'm still happy with it.  One day I want to continue with Corrine and Magus's story.  I really do.

Remember if you download, then by all means comment to tell me you nabbed it, and if by any chance it says that the link expired or is broken, then prod me in comments so that I can re-upload it.

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  • (no subject)

    I have very little in terms of an update. However this above icon is one of the few icons that I actually came into existance before I got home this…

  • (no subject)

    I actually have alot to do with my weekend coming up. One of the major is to actually start on the Seishirou Sakurazukamori profile theme, since he's…

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