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Okay everyone...  for the next week, I am so not available to RP..  not to -anyone-.  Got that.  Fangirling yes, always up for a good fangirl squeal or whatnot over AIM.  However much like the_hen suggested, I am going to concentrate the next week not on muses, not on RPing, but Kuro... because she is the most important person in my life...  her and not her characters.    So tomorrow morning I am going to prepare a list of questions that I want to ask Kuro... and if Kuro reads this before she goes to work..  I highly encourage her to think up the same thing herself.    Citan and the other muses have been officially locked in their closets and they are not coming out.  *evil laughter*

Well okay,  D is coming out but only so that I can write the Secret Santa D x Leon fic for the Yuletide thing.    If I don't have that fic written by the 20th, it's my ass.

Oh yes, I also saw 11 - 12 of Maria-Sama ga Miteru.  That series is officially making me bawl.  I love it.. I really feel sorry for Yumi though.  And I still want to strangle Touko.  No getting out of that one. -_-;  However Maria-Sama ga Miteru raised a really good question.  Especially Episode 12.    A couple is wonderful and all.. however don't let your world get smaller just because of it. 

Though I re-itterate.  I do not normally character hate but Touko needs to die... for sticking a wedge between Yumi and Sachiko.

Oh yes, acidae, if you have AIM.. give me a buzz sometimes.  It's Tear Venus, kay.

"I'm not aware of too many things,
I know what I know, if you know what I mean.."
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