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~Bara no Heya~

First of all.. I played some Shadow Hearts -alot- tonight.  And I got to Keith.  Oh gods, I will not even go into how much I LOVE Keith.  *snickers* The boots, the battle stance.. yes.. he makes my toes curl.  Keith is teh hawt n' a half.    I also thought that Yuri and Alice were very Fei and Elly.  Especially with the sacrifice and all

Secondly... we got a Riku and a Abel Nox for squenix_uni which makes me happy.. exceedingly so.  They're probably going to be roomed together.. and then the shit hits the ceiling.

Thirdly... all hail my Yule Icon.  Yes, it is Citan.  Being in the spirit. ^_^  I swear I have a Citan picture for every conceivable occasion.. yatta.


That's my great update.
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