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Favourite Character: Setzer Gabbiani, Rydia of Mist, Paine, Cid (FFVII fame), Nooj, Baralai, Laguna Loire
Favourite Technology: Magitek.  (Sorry for all of those FFX-Machina people.  Magitek rocked!)
Favourite Weapon:  Setzer's cards
Favourite Limit: Final Heaven
Favourite Area(s): Thamasa, Jiddoor, Golden Saucer, Land of the Summouned Monsters, Youth League!
Favourite Boss:  Kefka, Atma Weapon, Asura
Favourite Airship: Blackjack!
Favourite Magic System:  Espers
Favourite World:  World of Balance/Ruin
Favourite FMV:  When Aerith dies.. I cried. (if you don't know that Aerith died now.. well blah)
Favourite Non Playable Character:  Tseng
Favourite Music:  Relm's Theme
Favourite Enemy: Leafers!
Favourite Game in Series: FF6/FFX-2
Favourite Summon:  Bahamut
Favourite Magic: Ultima
Favourite mini-game:  Snow boarding in FFVII
Favourite WEAPON [From 7]: I have no idea. LMFAO.
Favourite Job Class:  Alchemist
Favourite Crystal:  Water
Best Male Character:  Setzer, Cid
Best Female Character: Paine, Rydia
Worst Character:  Clasko.  BLEAH
Favourite Creature: Moogles
Favourite Legendary Weapon:  Ragnarok
Worst Plot Twist:  The entire LAST disc of FF7?
Favourite Ending: X-2.  Damn it the crimson squad.  And FF6.. because of the montage of characters.. and how you get to see their last names. *giggles*
Worst Ending: FFVII was a big letdown for me.
Favourite Main Character: Cecil
Most Original Character:  Gau
Favourite Main Character Rival: Seifer.

Also.. wednesday music poll here!  Vote!
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