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~Don't worry bay-bee... when you get in trouble!~

The yahoo toolbar changed.  So now instead of the little yellow bell to denote an email alert, I have a envelop with something sticking out of it.. which is not very noticible to me.  So if I lag on LJ comments or the whatnot.. it is because my yahoo toolbar is trying to fool me.

BTW kurohyou, I hope you did not mind me making Roni as Jin and Citan's step father for the squenix_uni RP.  I thought it'd be an interesting concept. *snickers*

I'm sure your Roni Fatima muse approves. *snickers*

Also.  Remember everyone.  If you haven't voted for Wednesday's music... do it Here.  Remember.  I enjoy close races.    That and I like to see if I can guess what everyone on my list will vote for.  I've grown fairly good at gauging people's votes before they cast them.
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