Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

22 people to stroke egos to.  I'm going to have to space this over a week instead of like a couple of days.  I figure I'll do one whenever I get the chance. *nods*  Just so many people.  This of course reminds me why I don't do memes like that.. because I have too many people on my FList. (sort of like the icon incident)

*sings*  I feeeeeeeeeeeeel prittttttttttttttttty.

Finally watched Episode 109 of Naruto. (after putting it off).  And now I know exactly why I put it off..

Except I think Sasuke went up a few points in my book.    (Sasuke is one of those characters that I cannot pair him seriously up with anyone.. save for some non-con with either his brother or Orochimaru. -_-)  So to walk away from Sakura like that was.. just awesome. -_-  Oh but I digress
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