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What can I possibly have to write about tonight. I mean I am sure that I can think of something. I put in my Masami Okui CD in and I am going to be jamming away. I am sitting here at work doing absolutely nothing.

"Life is full of surprises,
It advertises nothing.

I mean really what -else- am I going to do. However I did recieve a package from my mother in law and that was beautiful. *hee's* I got 4 regency romances, a chocolate orange (which is thouroughly disgusting but I did bring it into the office to share) a giant candy cane and some really nice smelling body lotion. Have I told anyone lately how much I love her. She is so awesome, just as awesome as my husband.

Alexi managed to locate -two- Koyasu Takehito CDs for me. *squeals* as well as "Dune" by L'arc en Ciel and he is buying them for me. *falls over* I love him so much. Of course not for that. I mean whatever he does for me, I will return threefold when I get back. (tons of breakfasts in bed and all that sappy mushy stuff.) I am pondering send him money for some Oh my Goddess manga. (since that is one of his obsessions) I remember when Linz was obsessed with Oh my Goddess. *snickers* or at least the art. And I used a pic of Belldandy and we used to fight over it. Oh goddess, we used to fight over -alot- of pictures. Funny how childish I was 3 years back. *heh's* I lurv ya Linz. *snurfles up the Linz-ness*

Yes I wasn't the most mature, that was probably why I kept getting fucked over in relationships. However Nia has moved on to a bigger brighter future. (or so she hopes)

Well I love you all.. gonna go do something. Oh yeah I am thinking of changing my layout or something.. I dunno. *looks it over* not pink.. but something more.. ah.. well I will figure it out later.. when I actually have time.

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