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Now it is time for a real update everyone.

First of all.. Happy December.  This month is the month of blatant commercialization, psychotic people in stores and real little good spirit/faith.  I've met people who celebrate Christmas in a pure sense.. but they are few and far between.  Forgive me, I'm cynical in my own way.

Well after the Citan FST that I had to work on, I am feeling surprisingly of little things to do with myself.  Might play some Shadow Hearts or try to write some solo's for Jin and/or Citan.. maybe even Baralai.  Just let myself write and see where the muses take me in terms of personal development.  You know.. if I could have a fourth character, I probably would of picked either Rydia or Lt. Col Hughes.  But I can't.. which reminds me.. the person who plays Roy needs to like contact the community some time.. because if he doesn't by the time the RP starts, I'm revoking him.  I don't even know who to put down as the player. -_-.  I hope the person got the acceptance letter.. *worries*

Did the most wonderful Mathias and Roni RP with kurohyou last night.    Falling in love and yet remaining enemies.  For can the future King of Ignas even dare to fall in love with the Guardian Angel of Solaris.  Ah the angst ensues.  I love the little heart clench I get.

Maybe I will make more icons... but I can never make three or four before I get bored. -_-

"So what would an angel say, the devil wants to know"

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