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~The Nia and Kuro Special where we guest star on the Hyu and Sig show~

Sigurd Yggdrasil: ^^ There!
Doctor Ricdeau: And that was when my AIM decided to like.. be a brat.. X_x
Doctor Ricdeau: Once you said that, AIM booted me. X_x
Sigurd Yggdrasil: X-x Aim is such an asshat. *whaps it* I hate when it does that with me..
Doctor Ricdeau: Yes.. I hate it.. // Citan: *hates you for stealing my AIM name*
Doctor Ricdeau: Citan: Use your own fucking window. >_<
Sigurd Yggdrasil: It is as I am prone to say.. computers are the boon and the bane of my existance. // Sigurd: Indeed, these our ours..// *whaps sigurd*
Doctor Ricdeau: Citan: In fact I should not even have to be clarified in speaking.. it is both of you that should go Nia: or Kuro:
Sigurd Yggdrasil: We will talk where we like.. we are the muns and allmighty..*shifty*
Doctor Ricdeau: Nia: Are you happy Citan?
Doctor Ricdeau: Yes...
Sigurd Yggdrasil: Kuro: Indeed..
Sigurd Yggdrasil: Much better..
Doctor Ricdeau: This feels better..  alot better.   STFU Kuro, Nia
Doctor Ricdeau: Nia: *cracks knuckles*
Sigurd Yggdrasil: Kuro: *punks Sigurd*
Doctor Ricdeau: You are on our turf now, muns. *evil grins*
Doctor Ricdeau: Nia: Oi....
Sigurd Yggdrasil: *cackles and eyes the muns*
Sigurd Yggdrasil: Kuro:<_< Maybe we should go back to Nooj and Baralai who are less disagreeable Doctor Ricdeau: Baralai: *peeks in very briefly* No.. we do not want you in our chat window either.. Doctor Ricdeau: Baralai:&nbsp; Nooj and I are having the smex0rs.... Doctor Ricdeau: Baralai: No muns allowed..&nbsp; Sigurd and Citan are your babysitters. *skitters* Doctor Ricdeau: HEY NOW Doctor Ricdeau: Do you think -we- want them? Sigurd Yggdrasil: Nooj: You guys are destined to suffer.. so you get them. not us. Sigurd Yggdrasil: Nooj: *skitters back to own window too* Doctor Ricdeau: Nia: *huffs* No one wants us.. Doctor Ricdeau: Nia: *throws myself to Kuro* // Excuse me.. no.. you have your own window for that love junk.&nbsp; NO MUN SEX HERE! Sigurd Yggdrasil: Kuro: *glomps Nia* They are so mean.. *eyes Citan* And Insolent.. Sigurd Yggdrasil: Oh yeah, well after countless deaths we have reson to be insolent.. Doctor Ricdeau: Nia: *sighs* Yes they are..&nbsp; We really need to beat their asses.. Doctor Ricdeau: Well said Sigurd.. well said.&nbsp;&nbsp; That was one death too many Doctor Ricdeau: The first one we could forgive Sigurd Yggdrasil: Kuro: Next rp we shall get even for this... Doctor Ricdeau: Hah, if you can get us out to play Doctor Ricdeau: We are wise to you women. Sigurd Yggdrasil: The first was tolerable... but there's been at least what.. five.. ten other deaths since then.. Sigurd Yggdrasil: Kuro: Id can make you.. *pets Id* Doctor Ricdeau: Nia: I seem to recall that it is usually Sigurd wanting smex that gets you into these situations.. Doctor Ricdeau: That is beside the point.. Sigurd Yggdrasil: Indeed, because Nooj and Baralai get sex and they don't have to suffer.. Sigurd Yggdrasil: Kuro: It's still your fault Sigurd. Doctor Ricdeau: I would like to have one sexual encounter and not have to worry about oh, I don't know.. DYING after it Sigurd Yggdrasil: Yes, I would as well. Because so far every time leads to death. Doctor Ricdeau: Nia: OMFG! *dies* Doctor Ricdeau: http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=squidflakes&nbsp; This person added me to their friend's list.. because they read my post/song about tentacle rape Sigurd Yggdrasil: Kuro: XD Oh god.. *diiiies* Doctor Ricdeau: That disturbs me Doctor Ricdeau: Nia: Citan hasn't been tentacle raped yet. //&nbsp; Do not.. *winces* Doctor Ricdeau: Nia: OMG CITAN AND SIGURD THE TENTACLE RAPE MONSTER! Doctor Ricdeau: *spits out his green tea* Sigurd Yggdrasil: Kuro: XDD That's how we should get revenge on them for their bitching!! Sigurd Yggdrasil: *chokes and then gets at towel for Citan's tea* That is just wrong.. Doctor Ricdeau: Nia: That is squicky enough to be funny... Doctor Ricdeau: Nia: And the suction cups.. squirt cum.. and... Doctor Ricdeau: Alright.&nbsp; Out of our window.&nbsp; Now Sigurd Yggdrasil: Kuro: I know.. maybe it could be the mostly human type of tentacle monser with tentacle appendages or something.. Sigurd Yggdrasil: Yes, out... -_- Doctor Ricdeau: Nia:&nbsp; SORT OF LIKE SEYMOUR! Doctor Ricdeau: Baralai: *at the mention of that name.. locks the door to his and Nooj's AIM* Doctor Ricdeau: I give up. *weak* Sigurd Yggdrasil: Kuro: Ahh.. seymour.. Now that is just fun too.. Baralai never did get tentacle raped.. though it was threatened.. Sigurd Yggdrasil: Kuro: Good Citan.. you should..

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