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~Everytime the past awakens.. every time your soul starts breaking~

What I've done so far:

1.)  I've made an icon.
2.) Made the entry for Alexandria Amphitheater.
3.) Created the OOC and RP communities for Squenix.  (Now to fill it with stuff.)

The Rules will be incomming, in fact I'm going to type it up as soon as I make my beloved a new icon.

Once the OOC community is up.. I'm going to prod all the muns to JOIN it.  So that you all can start getting to know each other as the players behind the people.    Also for all of you that are curious.  FFXI -will- be allowed into play.  You may play your character from FFXI in the game if you so wish.  I've no problem with that.. and I don't think the other mods will have a problem with that either.

Check sseu_mods for paragraphs of some of the places insofar.  And Sign-up sheet is Here

That's been my pointless post of the day.

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