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Put all your songs into one playlist. Put the playlist on random. For the first twenty songs, post your favorite line. If an instrumental comes up, just skip it. Try to avoid putting the song title in the line. Then everyone else tries to guess what song it is. Simple enough, eh?

For the sake of my Japanese-impared friends, I left out all my anime music. ^^;

1.)  Truth is not kind..  and you've said, neither am I
2.)  And I take my theories back... Maybe Karma ain’t all that.
3.)  And so the journey of the night descends when all the shades are gone.
4.)  I will sell my soul for something pure and true.. someone like you.
5.)  I'm the kind of person who endorses a deep committment, getting comfy, gettting perfect is what I live for.
6.)  There is just one moon and one golden sun, and a smile means friendship for everyone (*DIES LAUGHING*)
7.)  I've had other lips, I've sailed a thousand ships, but no matter where I go, you're the one for me baby this I know.
8.)  And please don't ask me why I'm here.. something deeper brought me then a need to remember
9.)  You know it makes good sense, the best of love is the best of friends.. I guess we should of known all along. (*giggles at Kuro*)
10.)  And when your fears subside, and shadows still remain.  I know that you can love me.. when there's no one left to blame.  So never mind the darkness.. we can still find a way.  Cause nothing lasts forever.. even cold *insert title of song here*
11.)  I'm so tired, I can't sleep.. standing on the edge of something much too deep.
12.)  The moonlit wings reflect the stars that guide me towards salvation
13.)  Her friends are so jealous, you know how bad girls get.  Sometimes it's not so easy to be the teacher's pet.
14.)  High time we made a stand and shook up the views of the common man, and the love train rides from coast to coast.. D.J's the man we love the most.
15.)  Run around in circles, live a life of solitude, til we find ourselves a partner.. someone to relate to, then we slow down before we fall down.
16.)  You're squeezing like boys, and teasing like girls.. confusing like boys -and- girls.
17.)  Here I stand and face the rain, I know that nothing's going to be the same again.. I fear for what tomorrow brings.
18.)  You turn around on me because I'm better then the rest of the men.  I'll see you miss me, and you always do.  I say you'll miss me.  Now would I lie to you?
19.)  You've been hit by some hard knocks.. you just can't stand.  Feeling like Alice did in Wonderland.
20.)  Here is the house where it all happens..  those tender moments under this roof.  Body and soul come together.. as we come closer together.. and as it happens, it happens here in this house.

There is my eclectic mix of music. X_x
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