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To all of you that got the music I sent you.. but mysteriously found out that the song that played was -not- the one that you requested but rather "It's a Small World"

You can thank it all to the fine dare-ers over at kinky_pinkers, The truth or dare community.

My dare was the following by kalldoro.

You keep posting and asking for songs, so this time I'm going to dare you to post one post where you tell your friends to comment with request for one song they want you to send them...and then you send them something completely different! Something you know they'll absolutely hate! I know this should appeal to your wicked nature!

And so I just had two songs that I would edit the tags of.. and send them.

So yes, I am evil.  I really am.  It just seemed too much fun.

Ironically enough only three people commented which leads me to believe that the rest were like, "OMGNIA"SMP3LISTISMESSEDUP!~"
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