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~Update on Square University~

kurohyou sent me a list and names of the places that will be featured on and off campus.    The name for the town being Illucia.. (In honour of the first truly great site on Square online) is still up in the air.    We are still polishing it up, but once we do.. and get the descriptions out, we will have it posted up.  We will probably create a Mod Community for this where we will post all the information pertaining to Square University  And we'll probably request everyone that is interested in it to join.. so that you can get your two cents in on what goes and doesn't go.. after all what are mods without people's opinions on things.

I compiled a list of people that have been unofficially taken.  Ed Elric from FMA has been put on temporary reserve by kaitou_marina, at least until she decides.

The list of taken characters can be found at sseu_mods (To be noted, I forgot to include shimishimishimi here however she has dibs on Kahr (Xenogears), Cherenkov (Xenosaga) and Marguilis (Xenosaga) if she in fact wants them)

You can sign up for a character at this Post

We are trying to make the information as in depth as possible.  Thanks for your help.  And remember.. everyone who signed up for a character.. start brainstorming.  And here are some questions to ask.  1.)  What year is my character?  2.) Clubs, social activities?  3.) How are relationships from the game going to affect him/her. (In this universe..  you have a choice.. like with Laguna and Squall.. are they going to be father and son in this universe.)  This of course means plotting among the muns.

And remember.. we need more females!  So far we have 4 females signed up..  and a shitload of men.  If you do not have a third character.. and you have time for it.. consider playing a female.  (When I advertise on other communities though, I know we will get an influx of females.. X_x)

Yuri, Yaoi and Het -are- permitted.
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