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I was woken up early because Alexi had to go in to work because of a military exercise.  I had to scramble around helping him find his BDU hat.    So as it stands now I'm up a little but earlier but it just makes me online and bored.  Last night the jealousy monster visited me but then he left with out breaking out anything.  I'm getting better at stifling stuff.. however I am resolved to get Square University off the ground now.. in which my scheduled chalk of characters will be Citan, Baralai and Jin. *snickers*

The premise from Square University takes it's orgins from  Visions of Square, an RP a year and a half ago that I moderated along with Michelle and Beth.  This time I'm moderating it wtih Kuro though.  It is what happens when you put Squaresoft characters in a college setting... complete with yucky chow hall food, dorm roommates and all night cram sessions. *hee's*

Limit will be three characters though. X_x  Put in place mostly because of me.  I should probably talk that over with Kuro tonight.  I want to get it off the ground by January first.

Pondering the download song of the day.. I might not leave it up to chance or anything.... I might just pick something out of the blue.

Wait I do have something to do... making icons for the blog crew. ^_^

And i have to learn not to like this icon so much.  Damn it, Fuji is like crack.
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